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when my mom come in my room without knocking

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Selling my vintage Honda CB350 Four

Repainted tank, custom seat, rebuilt carbs, cleaned tank. Shorai lithium battery and new rectifier/regulator. The bike doesn’t run right now. Was running smoothly up until two months ago. It has a problem (electrical) and I don’t have time to deal with it.

Asking 2500 OBO

This bike is worth the money and with a little maintenance it’s a great ride. Bike is registered till the end of August and has a clean CA title. Message me if interested!

My bike got stolen today. HAHA


constantly thinking about you

Title: How's That Artist: FKA 9 427 lectures

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Anonyme asked: how hard was it to move to california? im thinking about moving to sf or la but i'm pretty broke and don't know anyone out there

it was hard but definitely worth it in the long run. moving is always hard i think. sf and la are both veryyyy $$$ so idk about that but sf is better if u don’t have a car. and moving to a big city is always hard because it’s lonely but there are ways 2 meet ppl and spend time alone. idk message me not anonymous if u really wanna chat about it. otherwise good luck!

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Goin 2 sarasota. Sry I haven’t replied to ppls messages tumblr on my phone is annoying ok bye

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Monkey Punch (モンキー・パンチ ), Cuties

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